Indigenous Youth Bike Program


There are many disadvantages to being an indigenous youth in Canada. Statistics show this to be true especially for those living on reserve. The disadvantages are many including historical factors like residential schools, racism and levels of poverty that are often higher on reserves than the rest of Canada. These are all negative contributors that affect the mental health and sense of disconnection that Indigenous youth experience today. 

This is a problem that has no easy answers and will require many creative solutions. 

At Country Cycle we work towards empowering youth through bicycle programming. We help build the next generation of leaders and creative thinkers by teaching behavior that reinforces the benefits of goal setting and achievement.   

The Country Cycle Indigenous Bike Program also creates meaningful opportunities to teach youth about indigenous traditions and the importance of staying connected to the land. This component is very important to the program's success because it will teach youth about resilience. The program will help to instill a sense of pride for a cultural tradition that is amongst the oldest living traditions in the world today. 


To provide indigenous communities with youth programming that is positive, fun, effective and easy to use. Doing so by using the bicycle as a tool to create opportunities to teach the youth about the land, respect, self-care, tradition, teamwork and competition.


1). To teach Indigenous youth the value of being out on the land in a fun way.

2). To build a strong sense of self confidence and achievement in the youth through the development of cycling skills and the participation of cycling events.

3). To build a strong sense of community through a cycling program that is inclusive and provides an equal opportunity for everyone. 

Biking offers many positive benefits both physically and mentally. Physical benefits include obesity and diabetes prevention, cardiovascular and bone health. The major mental benefits include helping prevent anxiety and depression.

The Program - Country Cycle Indigenous Bike Program

The aim of this program is to help youth build up their self-esteem and confidence by giving them an outlet to express themselves both emotionally and physically. This is a very important concept in the program. 

Biking provides an emotional outlet in the following ways:

  • Provides a feeling of freedom and joy
  • Provides an opportunity to reflect on emotions or thoughts
  • Provides release for pent up emotions like stress and anger
  • Brings a sense of connection to nature and the land

Like dancing, biking also provides an outlet for physical expression through the intensity and speed the rider chooses