We have the tools and expert knowledge to get your bike back in proper working condition. We repair all makes, models and styles of bicycles. We carry a wide range of quality bike parts to ensure we help you keep you bike rolling.


Check Up


  • Basic brake adjustment (brake bleeds or cleaning of cables not included)
  • Basic shifter adjustment 
  • Lube chain
  • Top up tires 


Basic Tune Up


  • Inspect cables and housing (clean and/or replace if needed)
  • Brake adjustment (brake bleeds not included)
  • Shifter adjustment
  • Basic re-tension of wheels if necessary
  • Headset adjustment
  • Inspect all bearings
  • Safety inspection (bolt torque and component integrity)


Full Tune up


$200.00 Full suspension bike

  • Same as basic, plus more!
  • Hub bearing overhaul
  • Bottom bracket bearing overhaul
  • Drivetrain cleaning
  • Wipe down frame
  • Full suspension includes cleaning and re-greasing all pivot bearings


Individual Services

  • Replace tire or tube $10
  • True wheel $25
  • Replace spoke + true wheel $30
  • Lace and true wheel $65
  • Hub overhaul $20
  • Bottom Bracket overhaul $20
  • Headset overhaul $20
  • Brake adjustment $20
  • Bleed brake $25 (each)
  • Shift adjustment $20
  • Replace chain $10


Suspension Service

  • Fork lowers service $40 (plus parts)
  • Shock/air can service $40 (plus parts)
  • Fork full rebuild $150 (150 - 200 hour service - parts included)
  • Shock full rebuild $150 (150 - 200 hour service - parts included)


*Parts needing replacement cost extra. We will contact you if major part replacement is needed.



  • Basic hot wax $30
  • LF hot was $40
  • Install bindings $20



Labour completed outside of the service packages or individual services will be charge at a shop rate of $65/hr. A service fee may be applied to bikes not picked up within 7 days of completion of service. Bikes left for more than 90 days will be donated or recycled. Unless noted all services do not include the price of parts. If you have any service related questions feel free to give us a call (204-332-0121) or e-mail [email protected]